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Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing and strongest trees and is much more renewable than timber. It requires less space to grow, and can be harvested for bamboo flooring every five to six years, with minimal environmental impact. It is harder than most Australian timbers and creates a tough surface layer resistant to stains and scratches. Compared to timber, bamboo is less prone to cupping, checking, contraction and expansion, making it very reliable and suitable for any installation. It is also highly resistant to diseases, insects and temperature variations, making it an excellent floor to deal with Australia’s often harsh climate.

– Tough for the Australian Climate

Harder than most Australian timbers, bamboo creates a tough surface layer resistant to stains and scratches.

– Environmentally friendly
Bamboo re-grows much faster than timber, with minimal environmental impact when harvested, making it the ultimate sustainable floor.

– Durability
Certain types of bamboo are extremely hard, strong and durable. When natural, un-carbonized bamboo is properly harvested and manufactured it would be much stronger and as durable as red oak.

Bamboo flooring has an appealing and unique look, capturing the natural beauty of bamboo.

– Cost effective
Because bamboo is harder than timber, a well maintained bamboo floor will last longer, yielding useful savings over the full life of the floor.

– High quality manufacturing process
Bamboo floors which are manufactured using the latest strand woven techniques is enhanced in durability over other engineered floors.

– Excellent stability
Bamboo floors are more stable and less prone to dents and scratches.

– Easy to install
Individual floor boards simply click together with the easy Unilin click system, making installation quick and easy.