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Q: What is the warranty period of Embelton Bamboo?

A: Residential –25 year structural plus 25 years surface wear warranty
Commercial – 10 years structural integrity warranty

Q: Can Embelton Bamboo flooring be laid over concrete or tiled floor?

A: Yes, Embelton bamboo can be laid over any kind of floors. Please check our installation guide before installing Embelton Bamboo flooring.

Q: How do i clean my bamboo flooring?

A: You can clean with a vacuum and sweep regularly as your normal floor.

Q: How to install Embelton bamboo?

A:  Please check our installation guide on how to install Embelton bamboo flooring.

Q: What is the formaldehyde content of Embelton Bamboo?

A: Embelton Bamboo easily meets the E1 European Standard on formaldehyde release, which is regarded as the industry benchmark. The range is 0.03 to 0.07 parts per million. Some suppliers claim E0, however we believe this is misleading.

One point of difference of our product is that the compressed bamboo sheets from which the floorboards are cut are left untouched for one month allowing the formaldehyde to be released from the boards.

Embelton Bamboo is also “hot-pressed” which burns off more formaldehyde during manufacture than the cold press method.

Q: What is the difference between Hot Press Strandwoven bamboo flooring and Cold Press Bamboo Flooring?

A: Hot press is compressed to 15% more density than cold press which makes it heavier and denser, whereas cold press bamboo locks in pockets of moisture content and is more likely to contract and expand depending on the weather condition.   Hot pressed bamboo is longer lasting compared to cold pressed bamboo flooring. For more details on cold press vs hot pressed bamboo check our Hot press manufacture Page.