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Hot Press Manufacture

The hot press strand woven manufacturing process ensures the high density, hardness and stylish appearance of Embelton Bamboo. Using the finest quality raw material, sourced from managed forests to ensure consistency in appearance and quality, individually selected strips of bamboo are laid horizontally and then ‘hot pressed’ under very high load to create a compressed sheet from which the 14mm floorboards are cut after hot pressing, which allows for an even release of moisture from the bamboo, the sheet is left untouched for one month to release stress from the bamboo. This results in greater stability in the finished boards, offering less likelihood of movement once laid this crucial resting time also allows the formaldehyde to be released, ensuring that Embelton Bamboo easily meets the E1 European standard on formaldehyde release.

Why is hot press manufactured bamboo flooring better than cold press?


  • Greater density – Hot press bamboo is compressed to 15% more density than cold press, creating a heavier and more dense board. This offers far greater stability and durability. Cold press doesn’t offer the same density, and is more likely to contract or expand according to the environmental conditions.
  • More consistency in moisture content – The hot press technique allows the moisture content to be released more evenly from the bamboo, ensuring no pockets of moisture remain within the floorboard.


Cold press blocks can result in inconsistent moisture content

  • Greater structural stability – Limitations with cold press manufacturing make it difficult to create a single board wider than 100mm. Instead two boards often need to be glued together, creating a join down the board which can result in reduced structural stability
  • Longer lasting – Embelton hot press bamboo flooring has been proven to last longer than cold press bamboo. By subjecting the bamboo to intense heat followed by intense cold (the ‘boiling test’), it was found that hot press bamboo lasted three cycles before disintegrating while cold press bamboo lasted only one and a half cycles.
  • Wider Boards Narrow blocks make it hard to produce single boards wider than 100mm with cold press, where as in hot press, flat sheets allow boards to be cut to any width, and ensure an even distribution of moisture.
Narrow blocks as a result of cold press manufacture Flat sheet as a result of hot press manufacture