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Strandwoven Manufacture

Bamboo strips ready for compression

It is the strandwoven manufacturing process which gives Embelton Bamboo flooring its high density, hardness and stylish appearance.

Using only the finest quality raw material, sourced from managed forests to ensure consistency in quality and appearance, individually selected strips of bamboo are laid horizontally and then hot pressed under very high load to create a compressed sheet from which the 14mm floorboards are cut. After “hot pressing”, which allows for an even release of moisture through the bamboo, the sheet is left untouched for one month to release stress from the bamboo. This results in less likelihood of movement once the board is laid.

Strand woven bamboo is twice as hard as more traditional Horizontal or Vertical grain manufactured bamboo flooring. In Vertical grain manufacturing bamboo slats are turned on the side before being melded to give them a narrower look. Horizontal grain involves laying the bamboo slats flat before melding together to give them a wider look. Due to both techniques producing a softer bamboo board more prone to dents, the strand woven manufacturing technique was developed. Even today the technique is being continually refined leading to denser and more stable engineered boards, suitable for the toughest applications.

Engineered bamboo, using the same principles of engineered timber, is a veneer of bamboo adhered to a plywood substrate, and is rarely seen in Australia due to its comparative lack of hardness.

Bamboo hot press machine

In strandwoven manufacture process, 4 to 6 year old bamboo is mechanically stripped and heated, then these are woven together and laminated under extreme pressure. These slices are milled to fit into the tongue and groove style planks or DIY style. This produces a floor that is even harder and denser than traditional bamboo flooring, with a grain more similar to exotic hardwood flooring.

Strand woven bamboo has a strong rating on the Janka hardness rating scale and has all the benefits of hardwood and is ideal for home with active pets and kids.

Correctly manufactured strand woven bamboo generally has a Janka rating of around 16, making it as hard as the hardest Australian timbers.